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Centro Fox is officially a learning territory

CENTRO FOX IS OFFICIALLY A LEARNING TERRITORY As of November 22, 2021, we managed to obtain recognition from the Guanajuato Secretary of Education (SEG), which, with its “Guanajuato Educator” program (with R for Reactivation), offers different schools the possibility of attending to different points of the State where they can carry out educational experiences. Now […]

Fox Center Receives State Labor Merit Award 2021

CONGRATULATIONS! We celebrate that in the month of August 2021 we were awarded the State Award for Labor Merit 2021 in León, Guanajuato. The Governor of the State, Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo, recognized the talent and capacity of Guanajuato workers in a ceremony attended by our General Director of Vamos México, Sergio Legorreta Martínez, who […]

Story of realization

Short story by Andres Baldíos With this short story, we give you a moment of peace in situations that seem to overwhelm us, a moment of love in difficult times. Moving is always a delirium. And more if it is your first apartment, your first home apart from which you grew up. Throwing oneself into […]

Valeria Luiselli: migration literature

“The only good thing about dedicating yourself to writing is the absolute freedom to think, to invent, to live many lives every time you sit down in front of a manuscript.“ Valeria Luiselli   Barely 22 years into a new millennium (which is quite a short time) and women continue to be shamelessly easy and […]